My name is Jon Gustafson.

I was an Art Teacher for many years. While teaching, I began exploring
decorative painting as a business. It wasn’t long before I decided to receive training in Atlanta using Faux Effects products. This young company (est.1989) was highly regarded for its innovative and quality products in Decorative Painting. They were also ahead of their time with waterborne technology and low and 0 V.O.C. materials. I have also trained with Michele Nadi, “Best Artisan of France, ‘94″ and hold a certificate as one of the first in United States to receive training from him in Tromp Loil.

Through ongoing seminars in Atlanta I continue to stay on the cutting edge of our industry.

Me At Work






A Bit Of History

I was born in Southwestern New York and grew up in the rural countryside of the area surrounded by small dairy farms, my mother was an elementary teacher and my father worked for a bank in the farm loan department and later became a general contractor. My first memory was at age two looking through the bars of my crib and watching my father paint a sailboat on the wall, on the sail he painted the number “2″ my favorite number to this day. One of my babysitters was an accomplished artist and would draw me if I promised to go to bed. In the morning I would have a wonderful drawing on my night side table. From that point on I knew I wanted to posses that skill. Thanks Diane Schulz where ever you are. I would also like to thank my mother for enrolling me in private art lessons at such an early age, and the good sense to say no to a motorcycle every day.